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Company Profile

Company Profile

Since 1984 we supplied a comprehensive range of engineering laboratory equipment for teaching and research to colleges, universities, research establishments and industry. Well-known universities and research organisations are among numerous references world wide, as are famous companies.

However, we now have decided to streamline our activities and offer the ‘PLINT’  tribometers from Phoenix Tribology Ltd for friction & wear evaluation of all kinds of materials under dry and lubricated contact conditions.

The company has a world wide reputation for its tribology test equipment. They include units for friction, wear, rolling contact fatigue, abrasion, erosion, etc. in a variety of industries including: earospace, automotive bio- & medical engineering, coal & mining, industrial lubricants, petroleum, rubber & elastomers, steel manufacturing, technical ceramics, as well as universities and research centres.

Further details from the Phoenix Tribology website.

Cussons Technology Ltd, founded in 1876, is a company specialising in educational technology, manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of mechanical engineering and research equipment for universities, institutes and training establishments worldwide.

The Cussons Technology Marine Hydrodynamic Research System Division was founded following the acquisition of Kempf and Remmers. Latter commanded universal recognition for excellence in the design and manufacture of a wide range of specialised force measurement instrumentation and test facilities systems for the marine hydrodynamic research sector.

Further details from the Cussons Technology website.

With our branch office at Schweinfurt in Bavaria, the heart of Europe, we offer closer contact with continental customers. Dedicated to the 'Best', AES can draw on vast experience of the staff gained in nearly 40 years operation in this field and this 'Know how' is readily available to our clients.